Care & Feeding

We recommend Life’s Abundance small breed dog food, or small breed puppy. Life’s Abundance is made right here in the USA, and its never had a recall. We think its great! It’s important to read about hypoglycemia in teacup dogs so you know how to deal with it if it happens. The most important thing is never to let them go without eating, Even if it’s a McDonald’s chicken nugget it’s better then nothing.

We give the life’s abundance grain free and all natural turkey berry treats. We use that as a training treat for potty and for tricks. This works great and helps motivate appetite. These are healthy and yummy so you can use as many as you like, and they don’t go hard like most bagged treats, they are a huge hit with any dogs!  Read up on Hypoglycemia by “Clicking Here”

We have been asked many times the appropriate age for a puppy to leave its mother. It depends on the size of the puppy. Smaller puppies we will keep past 8 weeks, sometimes up to 13 weeks to ensure they are ready. Either way you will get food and a happy healthy puppy starting its life off right with the high quality Life’s Abundance products. The kiwi mango mist and shampoo is amazing. You can wash your dog multiple times per month and they will not get dandruff. The matching mist keeps away the “dog” smell. You can easily sign up for automatic shipments of dog food and treats. So you never have to worry about it, it just comes right to your door. Life’s abundance is not sold in major pet supply stores. Life’s Abundance is made fresh, and not left on a shelf for a year before it gets to your dog’s tummy. They make it and ship it right to you from where its made!  You also get a discount for signing up for auto shipments of food and treats. Thanks for choosing Tea Cup Maltese Pups!

We give only the best food to our Maltese 


Why do we feed Life’s Abundance?

We feed it because it is the best. It has no chicken by product in it and its never had a recall. You can’t buy it in a pet store where its been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. Below are just a couple testimonials of the changes you can visibly see when people changed to Life’s Abundance. Imagine how much better dogs are doing on the inside !

 We hope you will also decide to give your puppy the best and feed Life’s Abundance. They also have awesome Turkey Berry Treats that are all natural, no preservatives, and are still soft! Our dogs go crazy over them! And don’t forget – Our Health guarantee extends to five years when you feed Life’s Abundance. Select Auto Ship when you order so you can easily get shipments in the time frame that fits your dogs needs.

     We have been feeding this to our dogs for many years, and one thing has been clear – our dogs stay healthy their whole lives. Spending the extra money to get better food for your furry friend can save you thousands in vet bills from health problems later in their lives. Feeding your puppy a high quality food will help them live a longer and happier life!