Fun Facts About The Maltese

If you already own a maltese puppy or you are wondering if a Maltese is the right breed for you, here are some facts!  The maltese is small breed dog that has origins in the central mediterranean area. They are a part of the toy group. They have been known as the “Roman Ladies Dog”.

Size – Adult maltese will roughly range from 3 to 10 pounds, breed standards generally call for a weight range from 4-7 pounds with a prefer weight being 4-6 pounds to fit comfortably in your lap. Average standing 7-12 inches. Tea Cup Maltese puppies are considered to be 4 lbs or less. For more information about the term “tea cup” click “HERE”.

 Maltese Appearance

Silky, thick white hair, not fur

Tiny-slightly longer than tall

weight: 4-7 pounds generally (meets American Kennel Club (AKC) standards

Height: 7-9 inches depending on size

 Maltese Temperament

Playful, but not hyper

Not aggressive

Loves all people

Great with children

highly intelligent

Maltese Care and Health

Non-shedding Hypoallergenic

Easy to potty train

Very minimal health issues compared to most other breeds

No matter your stage in life, Maltese make great companions!